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Board of Home Inspectors
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 198B.700 Definitions for KRS 198B.700 to 198B.738.
KRS 198B.702 Exemptions
KRS 198B.704 Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors--Members--Meetings--Salary--Removal.
KRS 198B.706 Duties and Powers of the Board
KRS 198B.708 Repealed, 2011
KRS 198B.710 Revolving Fund.
KRS 198B.712 License required--Qualifications--Application--Insurance--Fee.
KRS 198B.714 Reciprocity for licensees of other states.
KRS 198B.716 Nonresident licensees--Services of process--Credit for out-of-state training programs.
KRS 198B.718 License remains property of board.
KRS 198B.720 Notification to board.
KRS 198B.722 Expiration of license--Renewal--Continuing Education--Inactive license.
KRS 198B.724 Continuing education requirements.
KRS 198B.726 Licensure or registration of home inspectors by agencies or political subdivisions prohibited.
KRS 198B.728 Disciplinary actions--Sanctions.
KRS 198B.730 Disciplinary Hearings--Emergency Suspension--Persons not license to show cause--Cease and desist order.
KRS 198B.732 Prohibited activities--Penalties--Burden of proof--General counsel of office to advise board.
KRS 198B.738 Home inspectors prohibited from indicating compliance or noncompliance with building code.
Opportunity to Cure
KRS 411.270 Definitions for KRS 411.270 to 411.282
KRS 411.272 Score of KRS 411.270 to 411.282
KRS 411.274 Circumstances under which home inspector liable.
KRS 411.276 Written notice of claim required--Offer to remedy or settle--Acceptance or rejection of offer--Tolling of statute of limitations.
KRS 411.278 Notice of home inspector's right to cure before commencement of litigation--Action not barred if home inspector fails to give notice.
KRS 411.280 Construction of KRS 411.270 to 411.282
KRS 411.282 Effect of notice of claim on statute of limitations.