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Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors

Board of Home Inspectors
Pre-Licensing Education

815 KAR 6:010, Section 2, (a) states that an applicant for licensure as a home inspector shall, "(a) Complete and pass a board-approved, pre-licensing training course administered by a provider who has been approved by the board in accordance with 815 KAR 6:040."

Please be advised that all pre-licensing providers must have prior approval by the board. Any educator not listed on this site does not have such approval.

Clarification on Pre-Licensing Requirement
               815 KAR 6:010 Section 1 (8)(a)(9)(b) does not require direct supervision by a Kentucky licensed home inspector; however, it  does require that the 3 unpaid home inspection reports completed are to be reviewed by a Kentucky licensed home inspector.


Test Providers 

Approved Standards of Practice 


 Approved Pre-Licensing Providers

KBHI Pre-Licensing Provider List.pdf
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